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Chains and Fittings

Chain and Fittings

Rope and Rail is a leading chain and fittings supplier in New Zealand. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for the dependability of our products. Whether for transport or lifting, these items will get the job done. 

A Great Range of Chains

Our product range is exceptional, and we have every kind of chain or fitting that you could need. Galvanised chains, black chains, and transport chains are just some of the most popular items in our inventory. These products come in tidy reels for your convenience, and are available in various gauges. We can also cut them according to the specific lengths you require.
fitting chains

Find the Fittings for You

The fittings we provide range from rings and quick links to slip hooks and bolts. We also provide various useful accessories, such as hammer locks to attach hooks and other fittings to the end of chains. You can use our forestry wire straps to secure heavy loads efficiently, and our wire ropes are very resilient. If you need a certain product, you only need to ask and we will likely have it in stock.  

Quality control is always a primary concern for us, and we make sure that all items we provide meet or exceed all relevant industry standards. Heavy duty chains and fittings are essential, and the ones we offer can stand up to the most demanding applications.

Explore Our Wide Range

Rope and Rail strives to be the country’s top shackle and chain supplier. With our diverse product selection, affordable prices, and first-class service, you can count on us. Give us a call today to learn more about what we offer. 
A diverse range, affordable prices and first-class service. 
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